Recent studies show that whilst more than 85% of businesses have have a written business plan, less than 5% in Cooroy, Noosa & the Sunshine Coast have a written marketing plan!

If you are one of the 95%, Firefly Solutions can develop a comprehensive 12 month marketing plan for your business including an analysis of your current marketing activities and a market strategy & action plan.

We specialise in both online and offline marketing strategies that include;

Website Development and SEO  – It’s not enough to have a great website – people must be able to find it when they search online for a local Cooroy, Noosa or Sunshine Coast business.  Read More….

Social Media Marketing – Social Media is THE hot topic of the moment. If your business doesn’t have at least 1 social media platform marketing for it, chances are your present customers are being wooed by another local business who does. Read More….

Email Marketing – Do you have a mechanism for collecting your customers email details? – You really should have. We can manage your email lists and write emails that your customers will actually open. Read More…..

AdvertisingWe can review your current advertising or develop new advertising for you.   Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising is paramount so that you know which methods give you the best ROI. Read More….

Media Relations – Over the years we have built up a long list of media contacts in print, TV and Radio. Get your story out with a properly structured media release program that leverages our strong relationship with the local media. Read More….

Market Research – Market research allows you to ascertain your market penetration and brand recognition.   The importance of market research is often under-estimated and under-utilised as a marketing strategy and is not as expensive as you may think. Contact us for more info

Customer Feedback – The only way you can find out how happy your customers are is to ask!   We can design a customer feedback program suited to your business.   We can also conduct the research and collate the feedback into an easy to read and analyse report. Contact us for more info

Letterbox Drops & Mailouts – Some people would consider this a very old fashioned marketing method and perhaps it is – but it still works if done correctly. We can design a campaign for you and help you get it printed and delivered. Contact us for more info

SMS Marketing – What is the one thing almost everyone carries around with them 24/7 these days? Their mobile phone! There is no quicker way to get a message to your customers today than sending them an SMS and you have a more than 95% chance of them reading it within 30 seconds! Contact us for more info