Too much of your current advertising budget is probably being spent in a scatter-gun approach, just hoping you hit some of your targets. This is a waste of your money!

We can review your current advertising and develop a new advertising strategy for you.   Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising is paramount so that you know which methods give you the best ROI. With this knowledge you can therefore concentrate on those that work best and stop wasting money on the ineffective methods.

We can assess who your target market is and how is the best way to reach them. Then we can develop an advertising plan for you to implement that can include Print advertising – both magazines and newspapers, Television, Radio and Online – including  Google and Facebook advertising.

For it to be truly effective, part of the plan will include methods to track the effectiveness of each form of advertising by numbers of leads generated and sales made. Once you have this information available to you, it will be much easier to set and stick to an advertising budget in the future that you know will bring the required results.

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