Media Release

If you want to put out an eye catching press or media release that stands the best chance of getting picked up by all the local and even national media outlets, you either need experience or a properly structured media relations program designed by a media release expert that is renowned for getting their clients the widest possible exposure.

Over the years we have built up a long list of media release contacts in print, TV and Radio both locally on the Sunshine Coast and statewide.

Get your story out with a media or press release that leverages our strong relationship with the local media.  We can manage your media relations and our copywriter will structure your press releases correctly so editors don’t just discard them as advertisements, then we will submit them to our list of receptive contacts so they have the best chance of being published right here on the Sunshine Coast & beyond.

A good media release will almost always get noticed and read/watched/listened too, far more intently than any advertisement you place and is often a fraction of the cost.

Call us now on 0403 023802 to discuss getting your name up in lights using a media release or fill in the form on our Contact Page and we’ll get straight back to you.