Grow Your Facebook Audience

One of the most asked questions we get about Facebook is how to grow the number of likes on your Facebook page, your Facebook audience.

This will be an on-going task but the following are a few ways to organically grow your Facebook audience:

  • facebook audienceAdd a link to your Facebook Page on your website and/or blog. You can download logos, use the Facebook Like button or use the Facebook Page Plugin.
  • Invite your friends using the Invite button on your page (note you have to be logged in as yourself not your page).
  • Put your Facebook Page’s link in all your emails including your newsletter and personal email signature.
  • Announce your Facebook Page to your email list and social channels. You should do this when you launch a new Facebook Page and regularly thereafter to invite people to become a fan.
  • Ask people to like your page – run an in-store competition, produce post cards or flyers, tell people about it
  • Put your Facebook page’s address in your off-line advertising so people can find it and grow your Facebook Audience organically.

Plus you can also advertise your page on Facebook … but more about that later!