Recent Facebook Page Changes

Top 4 Commonly Asked Questions about Recent Facebook Page Changes

Facebook has just thrown another curve ball at people who are running a Facebook Page – they’ve changed the way things are done again!  We feel your pain, but hope that these four tips will ease it a little.

While you can still post, like and comment as your page via your personal account, you can no longer “use Facebook as your page” or “log in” as your page. Most small to medium businesses who manage one or two professional pages, would do so from inside their personal profile, not necessarily using a professional management tool, which means you’ll need to adjust to these changes.

  1. Using Facebook as Your Page

You can no longer “use Facebook as your page”. You can view the business page, however, you will actually only be “looking at” the page while still logged in as yourself.

recent facebook changes


  1. Page Feeds

Business page feeds as we know them are no longer available. You must now click on the section on the left side of the page labelled “See Pages Feed” to view your liked page feeds.

facebook page changes


  1. Liking Other Pages

Liking pages as your page (eg if the Firefly Solutions page wanted to like another business page) is now a little more complicated. You must go to the page you want to like, select the dots in the header next to the message button and select “like as your page” from the drop down menu.

recent facebook page changes


recent facebook page changes


  1. Sharing Posts

If you want to share a post as your page, on the post you would like to share you will need to select the drop down and choose the page you want to post as.

facebook page changes

Alternatively, select the share button on the post and choose “share on a page you manage” from the drop down menu.

recent facebook page changes

These are the main workarounds of the recent Facebook page changes to help you get started. This change has made it just a little more difficult to manage pages.  So make sure you are careful when you are liking, posting or commenting, as this new process can end up with you posting as yourself instead of your Page!

Keeping up with the almost daily changes that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. implement can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming.  Most small business owners don’t have the time to relearn social media so if you need help managing your online presence, email us at today for a quote!




Grow Your Facebook Audience

One of the most asked questions we get about Facebook is how to grow the number of likes on your Facebook page, your Facebook audience.

This will be an on-going task but the following are a few ways to organically grow your Facebook audience:

  • facebook audienceAdd a link to your Facebook Page on your website and/or blog. You can download logos, use the Facebook Like button or use the Facebook Page Plugin.
  • Invite your friends using the Invite button on your page (note you have to be logged in as yourself not your page).
  • Put your Facebook Page’s link in all your emails including your newsletter and personal email signature.
  • Announce your Facebook Page to your email list and social channels. You should do this when you launch a new Facebook Page and regularly thereafter to invite people to become a fan.
  • Ask people to like your page – run an in-store competition, produce post cards or flyers, tell people about it
  • Put your Facebook page’s address in your off-line advertising so people can find it and grow your Facebook Audience organically.

Plus you can also advertise your page on Facebook … but more about that later!

Facebook Business Page – Adding your Mailchimp Newsletter

mailchimp to facebook business page

At our recent Facebook Business Page workshop we were asked a very good question by Tony of Montville Art Gallery.

They are currently using email marketing to get their newsletter out to all their subscribers but wanted to know how to post a copy of their newsletter onto their Facebook business page.

There is more than one way to do it and the following two method work and only take a minute or so.

Method 1

  • Create your Campaign
  • Navigate to the Setup step of the Campaign Builder.
  • In the Social Media section, you’ll see the option to Auto-post to Facebook. If you are connected to Facebook, check the box.
    Cursor clicks the auto-post checkbox.
    If you see the We’re not allowed to auto-post message, then we need permission to post to Facebook. Click Allow MailChimp to post to Facebook for you, and click OK in the prompt. You’ll be returned to the Setup step of the Campaign Builder, where you can click the Auto-post to Facebook box.
    We're not allowed to auto-post warning
    If you see the Connect To Facebook button, click the button to set up the integration, and click OK in each prompt. When finished, you’ll be returned to the Setup step of your campaign, where you can check the Auto-post to Facebook after sending box.
    Facebook option
  • When everything is how you want on the Setup step, click Next to choose a template on the Template step.
  • On the Design step, create your layout and use the Social Cards feature to customize how your campaign will look when shared on Facebook.
  • Continue through the Campaign Builder.

Method 2

Firstly, make sure you send yourself a copy of your newsletter – you should always do this anyway as a test before sending it out to your list of subscribers to check it displays and reads well.

When you open up your newsletter in your email system, look for a link in the top right hand corner that says ‘View this Email in your browser’ and then CLICK that link

Mailchimp to Facebook Business Page

This will open up your email newsletter as a webpage.

Mailchimp to Facebook Business Page 2

At the top of the web browser, you will find the URL or web page address where your newsletter is stored, it will be a long list of numbers and letters – COPY THE WHOLE OF THIS URL

On your Facebook Business page, write your new post, it might be as simple as ‘Read our latest Newsletter Now’ – (remember the 40 character tip we gave you?)

Immediately under your text, PASTE THE URL YOU JUST COPIED – your Facebook Business page will then go and find that URL and paste it as a link, with an image if you have one on your newsletter, on your post.

Mailchimp to Facebook Business Page 3

Once the link box is there at the bottom, you can then edit your post to remove the weird looking URL if you want to and the link box to the newsletter will remain.

Then just click POST and your newsletter will be available to all your Facebook likers!

Facebook for Business Workshop

facebook for business workshopCooroy Chamber of Commerce are hosting a Facebook for Business workshop on 4 August 2015 at 6pm at Cooroy RSL which is set to be a very informative night for anyone who runs a business.

“Facebook is a powerful marketing medium, a great way to connect with customers and a terrific branding tool. One of the most common requests we have is for Facebook training so we have dedicated our August meeting to this topic and welcome both members and non-members to come along,” said President of the Chamber, Danielle Taylor.

Whether you already run a business Facebook Page or are thinking of starting one, this workshop will give you some great information including Facebook page basics, building your audience, creating winning posts, advertising and tips & tricks to unlock the secrets to Facebook.

As an extra added bonus, there is a lucky door prize of one month of Facebook management by Firefly Solutions valued at $350.

Cost for the workshop is free for Cooroy Chamber members and $20 for non-members. Bookings are essential and can be made via or with Tania Stewart at the Cooroy Guardian Pharmacy.

Cooroy has a fantastic Facebook page which is run by the Chamber and a great source of information about what is happening locally. Visit and make sure you like the page to get updates into your Facebook feed.